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Paid Surveys 200 euros per month, it is possible!

Poll Paid: 200 euros per month, it is possible! [Updated 2019]

Hello everyone ! In this article I intend to explain how to earn up to € 200 per month through paid surveys. I will give you a list of the best sites as well as many tips to help you maximize your earnings.

I assure you, there is nothing very complicated, organization and patience will be your best allies πŸ™‚

This article is a complete update of an article published in 2014. It’s Clement, from the Tips2earn blog, who wrote it completely (except this note and the other notes in italics). It was after reading one of his articles where he explains how he earns more than 200 euros per month through paid surveys that I asked him to share with us his tips and tricks. Before reading his article, I was convinced that it was difficult to generate more than 50 euros per month through paid surveys, but Clement will prove the opposite.

The basics to know
What is a paid survey?
This is obviously the first question to ask. A paid survey consists of answering surveys to receive money or gift vouchers in exchange. There are dozens of websites offering paid surveys. In France πŸ‡«πŸ‡· the most known (and reliable) are:(Poll Paid: 200 euros per month, it is possible! [Updated 2019]

Toluna (one of the most reliable)
ISay (the Ipsos website)
ClixSense (the most profitable)
GreenPanthera (4 € welcome just for your beautiful eyes).
LifePoints (formerly GlobalTestMarket) (better pay per survey)
Your opinion
Paid Surveys
If you are in another country, I reassure you, there are many solutions:

For πŸ‡§πŸ‡ͺ Belgium πŸ‡§πŸ‡ͺ, join free panels that work very well in Belgium: Toluna Belgium and ISay Belgium.
For πŸ‡¨πŸ‡­ Switzerland πŸ‡¨πŸ‡­, I propose you to subscribe to Toluna Switzerland and ISay Switzerland.
You are in πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ Canada πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦? I also have a solution. Sign up for GreenPanthera Canada now and receive a $ 5 bonus.
Do you live in Africa? Toluna is present in many countries: Morocco, Egypt, South Africa, Tunisia …
You live in the Middle East? Toluna is available in Saudi Arabia and Turkey
Are you even further? Toluna is available until Pakistan! πŸ™‚
I give many details on these sites a little lower, for those who are interested.

Note: The links in this article are mostly affiliate links. This means that in exchange for the time spent writing and publishing this article, ClΓ©ment (the author of the article) or myself (the author of the blog) will receive a commission when you sign up for one of the mentioned sites. But rest assured, ClΓ©ment only offers you the best polls sites, since he has tested them all
How it works ?
The main strength of paid online survey sites is their simplicity. Most work the same way, namely:

Register on the site.
Fill out your panelist profile (not mandatory but highly recommended to be better targeted).
Reply to surveys received on his e-mail address or directly on the site.
Withdraw his earnings via PayPal or other as soon as the payment threshold is reached.
That’s what you’ll have to do on each panel, a real breeze

Who are the surveys for?
It takes at least 15 years to become a panelist. Other than that there are not really any rules, everyone can register and answer polls. Whether you are a student or retired, a bonus at the end of the month is always good to take. Only downside, the institutes are often very interested in young adults and few surveys are really intended for other categories of people. It is unfortunate and rather unfair to me. Making money through polls takes a little time but a lot of patience. If you are more nervous and impatient, you will give up quickly, believe me! Nothing prevents you from trying on a few days to get an idea
What are the possible gains?
The title says it is possible to earn 200 € per month, and I insist on the “possible”! Indeed, many will not have the time or the desire to reach this amount, and it is quite understandable. Simply put, earnings depend mostly on your motivation. A motivated and organized person will have no trouble earning more than 150 € per month. The reward of a poll varies from 0.50 € to 3 €. It is rare to find polls reporting more because it would not be beneficial for the institutes. The remuneration often depends on the duration of the survey. A 5-minute survey will yield less than a 20-minute survey. Logic!

Means of payment and taxation
The panels pay their members as soon as they reach a payment threshold generally between € 2 and € 30. A low payment threshold is not synonymous with a better quality of the site. This just allows you to receive your payment faster and later more recurring. Depending on the site, different ways to collect your winnings will be offered:Β (Poll Paid: 200 euros per month, it is possible! [Updated 2019]

Gift cards (Amazon, Zalando …)
Checks and bank transfers
And some sites will offer you a catalog to redeem your points and win prizes.
Regarding taxation, I prefer to refer you to this very detailed article rather than venturing into an area I do not know much about.

Watch out for scams!
As you know, on the internet there is everything and anything. And, of course, scams. Paid survey sites are no exception. If you are curious and want to try a new site, here are some recommendations:

If you are asked to pay when registering a site or to participate in an investigation, run away. You must NEVER pay for a paid survey.
Be realistic: nobody will want to pay you 100 € to have your opinion or establish your personal profile because it will not be beneficial for anyone. So websites claiming income of 100 € (or even 10 €) per survey are also to be banned.
Feel free to do some research with our old friend Google to know the reliability of a site.
The best polls sites
Now that you know the basics, you are entitled to a short list of the main panels. Do not pay attention to the order, it is not a classification (too difficult to decide!)

If you apply all these tips, you should be able to earn € 100 per month without problems. The most motivated can reach the famous 200 €.

Watch out for trick questions!
This is a very important part of improving your income.

With the habit, you will realize that some questions always come back. These are classification questions that appear at the beginning or at the end of the questionnaire, such as your annual income, your work, number of children, married, etc … For these questions, no problem, answer normally.

On the other hand, there are trick questions that can eject you from the survey, and 3 of them deserve special attention:

Do you work in any of the following areas?Β (Poll Paid: 200 euros per month, it is possible! [Updated 2019]
Have you participated in a survey in the last 2 months?
And a third question to check if you do not bury the survey by answering randomly.
Guess what to answer to the first two questions. I help you, even if you work in one of the listed companies or have participated in a survey recently, always answer NO! The reason ? If you check yes to one of the two questions you will automatically be ejected from the survey … I know it is better to answer as seriously as possible but these two questions are twisted, especially the second one, what is the point of answering the question? a survey every 2 months if we receive several a week …

The third question is very important for institutes because it eliminates most cheaters! It will intervene at any moment of the survey and makes it possible to verify if you are serious or not in your answers.

For the rest of the questionnaire, you have the choice between seriously answering or rushing some questions to save time. The second option is not very elegant, but we must admit that some surveys are endless and uninteresting …

I encourage you to be serious as much as possible, both to not distort the results but also to avoid being banned from a site for cheating (something that happens regularly).

Sponsorship, rare and not very useful
I mentioned briefly the sponsorship without giving more details. For those who do not know what it is, this system makes money by recruiting new members on a site (called referrals). Few panels offer sponsorship, for the simple reason that most already have enough members.

The only ones that offer are YouGov, GreenPanthera, ClixSense and Remunerated Surveys. The sponsorship of YouGov is the most interesting of the four, it can earn € 2 per active godson. The other three do not report much, unless you are able to recruit several hundred referrals …

If you want to sponsor, I recommend this article from ABC Silver which gives many methods to get there.

And Africa in all this?
Polls and Africa is a delicate story. The only site that accepts most African countries is ClixSense. Toluna and I-Say are also available in some African countries. Feel free to check if yours is accepted by these two sites.

This is a little bit unfortunate, but ABC Silver has published some time ago an article on different ways to make money from Africa. I hope this one will help you find something interesting πŸ˜‰

to summarize
The article is soon over. I hope I have made some people want to engage in paid surveys that are a great way to make money on the internet. To win a maximum, I must remember, to be organized and motivated in the long run. I already invite you to try the sites mentioned in this article to get an idea, and you can then test other sites to boost your earnings.

Pay attention to scams, find out before using a site, NEVER pay to participate in a survey and forget the promises of 50 €, 100 € or 10000 € reward by investigation …

If you want to know more about other ways to make money, you can visit my blog Tips2earn, it will please him πŸ™‚

Thank you for reading me, I hope I helped some. See you soon !

Do not hesitate to visit ClΓ©ment’s blog. It’s a blog full of promise. And tell him in comment if you liked his sharing of experience and if you will follow these tips! It will make him hot in the heart πŸ™‚

Lastly, if this method of making money did not convince you (and I can understand it), there are plenty of others. Some are easier, others bring more or less money.

For example, you can register on IGraal and get a partial refund each time you make an online purchase. In addition, they give you € 10 when you register. Like this, for free. And of course, IGraal is also available in Belgium and Switzerland.

You can also go to Parions Sport and register to start betting on the sport. By going through me, you also get a first bet refunded up to 100 euros if he is a loser.

And if you own your home in France, Belgium, Switzerland or elsewhere, you can make it available to travelers on Airbnb. This simulator tells you what it can bring you.

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