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makeup artists tricks

The tricks of makeup artists

Here are some tips that make-up artists know well. To test and adapt according to your complexion and the time you have to prepare yourself.(makeup artists)

The eyelashes,

To intensify the volume of your eyelashes, here’s how to apply: apply a first coat of mascara, powder your eyelashes with loose powder then apply a second coat of mascara.

To apply mascara without spilling over, makeup artists use a mascara. This small washable tool is bought in perfumery and allows you to avoid smudging.

The eye arch
Apply a light color under the eye arch at the end of the eyebrow. This enlarges the look.

The eyelid
To improve the performance of your eyeshadow, use a base designed to fix.(makeup artists)

The eyebrow
An intensified eyebrow in pencil gives depth to the eye. There are specific products for eyebrows, such as kits containing two complementary powders. But also think of the transparent mascara that you will use to give precision to the line formed by your eyebrow.
The concealer
Even when you do not want to work your complexion, applying a little anti-ring with a sponge or a brush with a stencil under the eye allows a quick and effective result to brighten the complexion.(makeup artists)

The balance mouth & eyes
Apart from a strong make-up for a festive occasion or an evening, choose one of these two options:

nude lips, colored lip balm or transparent gloss + very make-up eyes
bright lipstick on the lips and eyes not made up with on the eyelashes a light layer of masacara
In other words, focus on one of the two parts of the face but not on both at the same time.(makeup artists)

Brushes, applicators, sponges: all your makeup equipment should be regularly washed with soapy water. An irreproachable hygiene is the guarantee of a healthy skin.(makeup artists)

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