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Good Jobs Employment agencies are at the heart

Employment agencies are at the heart of the action for employment.

They constantly adapt their services to the needs of their client companies and their temporary employees.
Temporary work is the core business of employment agencies. Over the years, they have developed new activities and specialized to better meet the expectations of their employees and their customers. Their services are more and more personalized and diversified: Good Jobs

Select candidates
Take into account the demand of the company
Propose profiles matching the needs of the company
Establish the contract and delegate in the company
Follow the mission
Propose interim Cd Is
Recruiting on a permanent or permanent contract
Train employees
Select candidates
It’s about identifying potentially available skills in the job market. This daily work consists of welcoming and going to meet the candidates in order to generate a pool of people likely to be sent on a mission to the companies. The employment agency makes a census of the acquired skills, professional experiences, diplomas, training or titles available to the candidate. Skills are then validated through interviews and aptitude tests.

Take into account the demand of the company, Good Jobs
At the time of each request expressed by the customer, the agency must obtain information on the requested qualification, the required skills, the job description, the conditions of execution of the assignment as well as the conditions of remuneration. This exchange, essential for the drafting of contracts (contract for making available with the company and contract with the temporary agency), will enable the agency to precisely target the profile of the temporary employee (s) who will be selected.

Propose profiles matching the needs of the company ,Good Jobs
The employment agency, equipped with the information collected from its client, searches for the temporary worker (s) likely to answer precisely to the request of this one. Once the candidates have been selected, the agency contacts them to offer them the mission in the company.

Establish the contract and delegate in the company
The contract of provision materializes the delegation of the temporary employee to the company. The employment agency takes care of all the related administrative tasks (declarations, remuneration, payslips, …).Good Jobs

Follow the mission Good Jobs

Throughout the mission, the employment agency is in contact with the human resources manager or the reference person in the user company and with the temporary employee to ensure the smooth running of the latter and to answer questions. that could be raised on this occasion.

Propose interim Cd Is
Since March 6, 2014, employment agencies can propose a new type of contract: the Interim CHI. Temporary employees on permanent contracts will benefit from the guarantee of a minimum monthly salary as well as a guarantee of employment beyond the end of a mission. The interim contract must allow the hiring of 20,000 temporary workers on permanent contracts over three years.

The permanent contract for temporary workers is addressed to:

temporary workers who have chosen the temporary agency for the exercise of their profession;
employable job seekers immediately;
to people who will need training, especially in the trades in tension, before they can accept a mission
Two types of audiences are particularly concerned:

young people who will multiply professional experiences in a secure environment, increasing their employability and opening up to different horizons to better orient themselves afterwards;
seniors, who want to work on different projects within several companies and who need support, in a secure environment.
This contract makes it possible to combine the security of a permanent contract with the diversity of the missions proposed and to benefit from an individual follow-up in terms of human resources. Thanks to this new contract, temporary agency workers will see some of their everyday life procedures facilitated, such as obtaining a credit or housing.

Recruiting on a permanent or permanent contract

The law of social cohesion of January 2005, widened the field of actions of the agencies giving them the possibility of exercising, jointly with the interim, an activity of “placement”. Since then, agencies have been able to recruit on behalf of companies for hiring (permanent or fixed-term contracts) and placement in partnership with the public employment service (Pele Employ, AFAR local authorities).Good Jobs

Train employees
The vocational training actions that temporary employees benefit from are:

strengthen the skills of the temporary employee in his / her original occupation,
adapt skills to the evolution of techniques and trades (example: mastering new software, new skills in welding, …),Good Jobs
respond to a shortage of staff, a pool of employment, a given qualification,
train young people with no experience by enabling them to acquire a qualification that meets the expectations of the labor market.
Since 2012 (“Cher pion” law of 28 July 2011), employment agencies can recruit apprentices to make them available to user companies.

Acting as an apprentice allows a young person to perform assignments in different companies and sectors. The temporary apprentice has two apprenticeship masters in the employment agency and in the company for optimal support of each of his missions. With this wealth of experience, he can build his professional career more easily.Good Jobs

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